Athena Center for Leadership

Welcome to the Athena Center for Leadership!

At the Athena Center for Leadership, we see leaders as, at their core, problem-solvers — and our role as providing Barnard students a wide range of ways to practice solving problems at all scales, all experience-based and available to students from day one.

Athena is home to Barnard students who see opportunities in challenges and seize them to build a better world — because these are the leaders we need now.

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ThirdSpace@ is a two part virtual co-curricular program that brings together members of the Barnard community who long to make change. Through SPARK (part 1 of ThirdSpace@), we welcome all Barnard community members to become ignited by ideas - visit to hear from visionaries and changemakers who are sharing their ideas and resources about how to take action.

In BUILD circles running from October to April (part 2 of ThirdSpace@), Barnard students will hone the skills to make change where they are, growing, healing, and building, supported by the people around them. 

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Keep an eye on our SPARK website throughout the year, as we will continue to add resources and videas.

Athena Goes Virtual!

It's not the fall we thought we'd have, that's for sure - but it's going to be an amazing one.

Join us for Fall 2020 at Athena.

Student Spotlights


“My favorite Athena program is the Athena Challenges. I participated in the design challenge that focused on hunger and food insecurity within college campuses, presenting a solution that my team and I came up with for on-campus hunger in two days to food experts including Chef Tom Colicchio.”

Dipashreya Sur '23, Architecture

Lea Herzfeld

“The Athena Center empowered me to stand up for myself: whether in an interview, on the job, or in my daily interactions, the Athena Center has empowered me to feel capable, intelligent, and deserving of success.” 

Lea Herzfeld '22, Economics 

Peyton Yen

“The Athena Center has empowered me to take on challenges. To ask for opportunities/platforms to better myself, help the community, and to be candid about vulnerabilities in personal experiences.”

Peyton Yen '21, Economics