Ent1. Basics of Entrepreneurship

Course Description

Taught by a team of managing directors from Golden Seeds, an angel investor group that provides early stage and growth capital to women entrepreneurs, this workshop for entrepreneurs will cover:

  • Dreams, Goals, Plans:  Taking an idea to the next level

Is your idea just an idea or does it have real business potential? Learn the steps and the tools to turn a dream into a plan.  Students shape their elevator pitch to communicate their idea to the audience.

  • The Business Model as 12 building blocks

Learn the key ingredients of a viable business model. What does the business offer its customers? What are the operational aspects of running a business such as people, resources and logistics?  Marketing, sales, and financial components of a successful business model are introduced.

  • Marketing Strategy and Competitive Analysis

Markets, marketing strategies, and competitive analysis are covered in this module.  Who are your customers? What are their needs? What is the competitive advantage of your solution? Analyze competitor grids and examine selected business descriptions to identify the market need.

  • Financial Statements as tools for success

What does it cost to start a business?  Financial statements are used by successful businesses to track progress and as essential planning tools. Basic income statements for different kinds of businesses are reviewed and additional tools such as cash flow forecast and sales pipeline models are introduced. 

  • Capital Planning for a small business

Decisions affecting the ownership and control of a company are often made very early in a company’s life cycle. How much will it cost to execute a plan? How do you decide if you need equity financing or debt or both?  How does the kind of financing affect your business?  The sources, uses and risks of various forms of capital are discussed.

  • Pitching to Investors

How you tell your story will impact not only your ability to secure outside funds, but also your access to non-financial support, such as advisors and introductions. What is your idea and why are you the right person to execute it? How do you translate your excitement into an investment opportunity? The business model / business plan is transformed into a 10-12 page slide show in this module.  Examples of real company investor pitches are reviewed and critiqued.

Date: Friday, March 2, 2012
Time: 9am - 5pm
Location: Diana Center, Barnard College
Cost: $599



Vanessa Wilson is the Chief Financial Officer of Golden Seeds, LLC, a Director of the Golden Seeds Academy, and an active angel investor with Golden Seeds since 2007.  Vanessa sits on the public board of Protective Life Corporation, the non-profit board of Futures and Options, and the advisory boards of privately held Renovata and Inergy Group.  Patricia Duffy is the Managing Director of Golden Seeds Academy. Previously, Patricia was an independent marketing consultant, focused on strategic and/or tactical support for small and mid-sized businesses in the travel, culinary and retail industries. She serves on the Advisory Board of Beautiful Places, based in Sonoma, California.