Com2. How Women Can Turn the Double Standard into a Triple Threat - NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Course Description

A double bind is an intellectual and/or emotional dilemma that occurs when one receives conflicting messages, each in opposition to the other; i.e. you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Many women encounter this concept in the workplace, where the typical (male) tools for advancement—direct communication, self-promotion, and aggression—are interpreted negatively when demonstrated by a female, who may retreat to the “safety” of more acceptably docile and demure feminine behavior. This program will identify why this happens and how to manage and defy stereotypical biases by employing a variety of approaches.  We will also explore the significant impact of external (personal) relationship dynamics, and how those outside issues, obligations, and expectations affect our style at work.




Raleigh Mayer, a specialist in working with executives, is the founder of Raleigh Mayer Consulting. She lectures frequently in professional programs and at New York University.