Social Action Projects, 2017-2018

Aku Acquaye and Aditi Somani
Supporting Autonomous & Equitable Futures (SAEF)

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 1 in 4 women experience partner violence at some point in their lives. Of those who try to leave their abusive relationships, 85% return because of financial stability. We at Supporting Autonomous & Equitable Futures (SAEF) aim to liberate women, particularly mothers and immigrants, to become economically self-sufficient before they're faced with these statistics. We want to empower women who could become the 1 in 4 by giving them the resources to stop relying on their partners for their livelihoods. By providing women with tailored financial literacy and workplace-readiness resources, SAEF aims to give every woman the choice to live life on her own terms.

Sara Ajodan

My mission is to emphasize the power of female networks in helping women move forward in the workplace without feeling marginalized. HerNetwork is an online network for young women in New York City to share interests, opportunities, and run the world together. It is a digital sisterhood for transformational growth, powerful connections, and inspirational relationships. By creating an Instagram account tailored to millennials, these women are able to engage with one another in a fun forum and build a network that will carry them through their lifelong career paths.

Kamya Arora and Olivia Mehm

Decades of historical gender stereotyping in the workplace, cause women to err on the side of caution when it comes to stepping up to the negotiating table. Women either do not know if they can or should negotiate, and often doubt their self worth and confidence. Yet, even when women do take action, studies show employers can often be biased against them.


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Catherine Atherton

Due to the proliferation of news outlets, and increasing news consumption on social media, the news that we consume has become more polarized, personalized, and biased, resulting in an American public that is less informed and less tolerant of different people and ideas. PurePolitics aims to overcome this by providing readers with holistic information from all sides of the political spectrum and a safe space to discuss controversial political and social topics with people of all political backgrounds and preferences. By forcing readers to learn about, understand, and engage with opposing viewpoints, we hope to make a more informed and tolerant American public. Website Address:

Dilara Bereket and Kira Tsougarakis

New York City sends four million tons of waste to landfill every year. Almost a third of that is food waste. Our project seeks to rectify this problem on the Upper West Side. We hope to act as educational resources to local restaurants, supplying them with the necessary information to reduce food waste, collaborating with them in their journey to do so, and creating relationships with them to assist them if/when their circumstances (budgets, audience, needs, etc.) change.

Grace Ebach and Alana Koenig
Performing Partners Plus

Our mission is to utilize existing networks of underrepresented identities in the performing arts industry and provide young professionals with a mentorship program to create greater career opportunities, foster professional relationships, and build confidence. We have partnered with the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition to create a mentorship program for young professionals looking to enter the theatre industry. Website address:

Annika Freudenberger
Fadimbolana.Info strives to eliminate the stigma around menstruation in Madagascar by improving education and public awareness. is the first comprehensive menstrual health website in Madagascar – provides locally-adapted and engaging resources on menstruation to be used by organizations and educators with their target populations. By working to integrate menstrual health education and awareness into these leaders’ existing work with local communities of youth, parents, and others, launches a long-term mission of ensuring that a period is never an obstacle to a Malagasy girl’s health and empowerment.

Maria Elena Garcia
#INominate_ #YoNomino_

Women of color are grossly underrepresented in elected office. A reason is that women are not nominated, encouraged, or promoted to go after these leadership positions. This lack of encouragement can be seen in girls and women. Nominating a woman to run is powerful. For my project, I am creating a website showcasing Latina leaders who have ran for office, a form for people to nominate women online, as well as creating a social media campaign in Spanish and English. I am also partnering with VoteRunLead and Latinas Represent for my project. I hope to increase the number of Latinas nominated to run for office while highlighting the strong and diverse leadership within the Latinx community. Website address: