Program Forms

Program forms are available to download here.  If you have questions, please email Sarit Abramowicz at or Erika Guzman at


Course Reflection Form

  • Every time you take an Athena elective, you must complete an Elective Course Reflection. The purpose of this reflection is to make you think more about the theoretical connections between leadership theory and practice. You must submit the reflection at the end of the semester of when the class was taken. The course will not count as an elective until the reflection is turned in. Fall course reflections are due by January 10th. Spring course reflections are due by June 10th. Late submissions will not be accepted. 


Elective Approval Request Form

  • If you would like to request approval for a non-approved elective prior to taking the course, please submit the Elective Approval Request Form within the first two weeks of the semester. Approval is not guaranteed. 


Special Dispensation For Elective Form

  • To request approval for a non-approved elective after you have taken the course, please submit this form. Must be submitted at the end of the semester of when class was taken, no later than January 10th for the Fall Semester and June 10th for the Spring. Late submissions will not be accepted. Approval is not guaranteed. 


Scholar Benchmarks and Checklist

  • This suggested timeline will help you navigate and complete the program. The checklist will help you keep track of your own requirements.