Social Action Projects, 2016-2017



Joud Al Shdaifat
My Treasure Chest

My Treasure Chest will temporarily aid the emotional and psychological trauma Syrian children refugees are currently experiencing as a result of the Syrian Civil War by providing them with the tools of childhood.


Erica Becker

Gyknow eliminates stigmas surrounding reproductive health through educating and preparing young women for their first gynecological visit. To learn more, visit the website created for this project:


Jacqueline Bernstein and Talia Cuddeback
The FemSource

Male experts are quoted up to five times more than female experts as sources for news articles. The FemSource seeks to showcase women experts in their fields as sources in news articles in order to overcome the existing gender bias. Our vision is to reveal the power of women as credible sources in all news topics. The FemSource website platform will pull articles that specifically feature experts and leaders who are women from news and media outlets. In doing so, we link to the article and include a short summary of it, citing the name of the women being sourced. In addition to our website, we will have a weekly email subscription service called FeMail that will include the most significant articles featured on our website from the past week. We are committed to distributing cutting edge content featuring current women leaders and experts to help and encourage tomorrow's women leaders and experts reach similar successes. We recognize that the news is a significant shaper of people's perceptions and by drawing attention to women experts, we hope The FemSource will not only break down societal inequalities, but also inspire news outlets to use the powerful female voice when creating their content. We will not only target people who are newsreaders, but also will target the source by reaching out to reporters and editors who are distributing news content. To learn more, visit the website created for this project:


Allegra Califano
Recycled Arts

 Arts & Vaxx is a charitable organization created to enrich the lives of children by supplying arts classes using recycled materials as arts supplies to public schools with underfunded arts programs. By gathering recycled items such as unused cardboard, old folders, old paper, and plastic materials, our organization creates an arts lesson plans that incorporate the recycled materials and more common arts, basic supplies, such as markers and glue. The organization was inspired by an awareness of the unnecessary disposal of the tops of vaccine vials and other similar medicine bottles. These vials are topped with multi colored sterile plastic caps that end up in the trash. Hospitals and doctors offices throw away thousands of these colorful buttons per day. Our organization plans to collect recycled materials and distribute them to art classes. These classes may be found at schools, youth programs, and even child life programs in the hospital pediatric setting. Our goal is to supply schools with arts materials and alternatives that could be used in arts classes as unconventional art supplies for underfunded communities. We aim to educate students on recycling and open their minds to using both these unconventional arts materials when creating art. With these resources, the creativity and developmental benefits are limitless.









Margaux Charmey
Tech Trek

Tech Trek's mission is predicated on the saying: you cannot be what you cannot see. Tech Trek seeks to engage young women of all backgrounds into the Tech and Science fields. Our program is built upon the idea that women benefit from having mentors and learning about their career in a professional environment. Our goal is to ignite career aspiration through interactive and constructive site visits. Tech Trek organizes free site visits to companies and organizations in New York that use technology at the core of their business. Tech Trek is determined to bridge this gap and to motivate young women in the ever-changing world of Technology and Science. 


Melina Dunham
R.A.W (Refugees Are Women)

R.A.W.'s primary mission is to raise awareness of the struggles that women and girl refugees face to defend and access their reproductive health rights and needs. We do this by advocating for comprehensive solutions that address the fundamental needs of these refugee populations. Ultimately, we hope to turn the conversation about reproductive health around so that it is positive, inclusive, and empowering. Follow her project on Instagram: @refugeesarewomen



Morgan Goldstein
Wom(In) Sports

Wom(In) Sports shares the real life experiences of women who work in the sports industry in order to illuminate the social barriers that make sports a male dominated industry. The website was founded to address the lack of female visibility by elevating the positive experiences and exposing the hindrances that women encounter in their profession. Wom(In) Sports hopes to empower cis- and trans- women who are interested in working in this industry, to actively pursue their passions and enter a career in sports. 






Chelsea Hartney

Breatheasy is an initiative that brings yoga and mindfulness training to a center for emotionally traumatized children. By providing a space that is comfortable, supportive, and encouraging, children are able to experience the myriad healing benefits of yoga and mindfulness. The program combines physical movement with progressive relaxation techniques, allowing children to release and channel their energy and emotions through the power of breath.


Priyanka Javlekar and Emma Marolda
Pink for PA Politicians

"Pink for PA Politicians" aims to raise awareness about reproductive health issues and related legislation in Pennsylvania to mobilize supporters to take action.


Emily Jones
Lindy Ladies

Lindy Ladies seeks to increase the visibility and representation of women musicians in the swing dance scene in New York City in an effort to combat gender-based discrimination. Our aim is to reinsert women's voices into jazz discourse both historically and currently. In collaboration with my partner organization Prohibition Productions, I put on an event with a non-male jazz band, the Crimson Ragdolls. I also created a website to promote the history of women in jazz and produced a podcast in which I interview women musicians in the swing dance scene about their experiences. To learn more, follow Lindy Ladies on Facebook: