Savvy Negotiation: Ask with Confidence to Get What You Want

Offered in partnership with Career Development. Both departments are pleased to offer this joint Leadership Lab that explores where career and leadership development intersect.

Negotiation is a fact of life. Here are some hard truths: 

Truth #1: Negotiation is as essential for getting along as it is for getting ahead. You negotiate for peace as much as you negotiate for success. 

Truth #2: Negotiation skills demonstrate your leadership potential and will set you apart from the rest. 

Truth #3: You’ve already negotiated throughout your academic career -- with your suitemate, teammates, family, or during an internship. 

Truth #4: You’ll be expected to negotiate for yourself in the workplace. Yes, including your starting salary

Designed for underclassmen to help you build your negotiation muscle now so you can negotiate with confidence and poise for later academic and professional success. Learn through practice, experience, trial and error. 

Remember: You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. 


Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

Location: Room 504 Diana Center, Barnard College



Ji Eun (Jamie) Lee is a speaker and workshop leader specializing in helping ambitious, self-starter women achieve win-win negotiation outcomes by harnessing their emotional intelligence. Lee helps professionals confront the fear of asking for their worth in the workplace through hands-on, interactive workshops where women build negotiation confidence through mock negotiation role-play and feedback. She is a frequent featured speaker and workshop leader with women's groups such as Girls in Tech, Women Business Starters. 

Lee majored in East Asian Studies and graduated with honors from Smith College in 2004. Early in her career, she started honing her negotiation chops as a buyer for a South Korean conglomerate, Doosan, and a multinational beauty company, Blissworld. Later, as a hedge fund analyst, she gained key insights and learned how corporate deals are negotiated. Three years ago, she pivoted her career to work with entrepreneurs, initially with Golden Seeds, an angel investor group focusing on women-founded companies. She works as Director of Business Operations at TreSensa, a mobile gaming company in New York City. Lee believes in learning by doing, in listening before asking, and in growing the pie.