Athena Summer Fellowship Programs

The Athena Center for Leadership Studies offers three fellowship programs: The Athena Summer Fellowship Program, the Williams Program for Women in Politics, and the Non-Profit Leadership Summer Fellowship.  Through these fellows, participating students will gain insight on leadership styles and strategies in the public and private sectors; develop personal leadership and professional skills; and create support network with fellow young female professionals. 

All Barnard juniors are encouraged to apply to The Athena Summer Fellowship Program.  Over the ten week program, Athena Summer Fellows participate in self-selected high-level internships, live together on the Barnard campus, and participate in education events aimed at building leadership skills. Fellows are selected through a competitive process, will receive a $4000 stipend plus college subsidized housing. 

Sophomore and Junior Athena Scholars are encouraged to apply for the Williams Program for Women in Politics. This Program enables Scholars interested in a career in politics or public policy to learn from government and policy leaders and organizations in New York; Washington, D.C.; their hometown; their state capital; or anywhere in the world.  These internships provide Athena Scholars with work experience, mentors and role models that can inspire them to work for the common good, and encourage their own political aspirations.  This competitive Williams Program offers Scholars a $2,500 stipend.  Three scholars are chosen for this fellowship.

Sophomore and Junior Athena Scholars are encouraged to apply the Non-Profit Leadership Summer Fellowship.  The program hopes to give Athena Scholars an inside look at leadership in non-profit organizations and identify a pool of talented students who aspire to careers in this sector. This competitive Non-Profit Leadership program offers Scholars a $2,000 stipend and the chance to intern at any non-profit organization that focuses on children.  One scholar is chosen for this fellowship.

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