Social Action Projects, 2018-2019












Hannah Ahn

Speaking at GOSO

Partnerships: Getting Out and Staying Out, Barnard Speaking Fellows


A workshop that teaches confidence and presentation skills to young people from the ages of 16 to 24 who have come into contact with the criminal justice system, “Speaking at GOSO” introduces Barnard students to peers from different walks of life while providing valuable experience in direct service, educational planning, and social work.



Sarah Anne Ambrose 

The patriarchal ordination structure of the Catholic Church is persistently giving the women who want to include themselves, and the men who desire to uplift these women, the opportunity to choose to turn inward and include one’s center of self in the self-inclusion process. And the exclusive structure of the church cannot extinguish what we feel inside. 

JesusIncludedMe firmly believes everything starts with the self and that the solution is embedded in the simultaneous occurrence of study and movement, inspiring a platform devoted to the sharing of personal narratives of inclusion, or lack thereof, or both, in the Catholic Church and society-life at large. This is done through a female-inclusive podcast and website of writings. With this sharing, women, universally, may come to recognize just how included they were, through the processing and healing of their exclusion experiences. When we come to recognize just how included we were, the possibilities of how included we can feel are discovered. 









Rachel Andres 
Spotlight On

Shining a spotlight on women, people of color, transgender, and gender nonconforming creative leaders in theatre. Encouraging audiences to support their work. 

Spotlight On provides weekly Broadway, Off-Broadway, and NYC-area performance suggestions, promoting the work of women, people of color, transgender, and gender nonconforming writers, composers, choreographers, producers, and other creative leaders. 
Our digital platforms encourage theatre audiences to make intentional and powerful decisions with their dollars and support the work of creative leaders who are underrepresented in the industry.


Emma Barnett 
NextGen News 
Instagram/Twillter: @emmanextgennews
Facebook: EmmaNextGenNews
Youtube: NextGen News

The news can often feel overwhelming and confusing. In a time where it is critical to hold elected leaders accountable, it is important to have a trust worthy new sources for students to get the facts in order to stay informed. NextGen News is a digital news station that breaks down top headlines into five fast facts to make the news more digestible and relatable for the next generation.









Lili Cohen
AHA: The Accessibility Initiative
Partnerships: Tanase Popa (Ryan Murphy Television, Half Initiative), Erica Kay (Producer, Fosse, FX Network), Olivia Weseley (NYC Teen Film Festival)

Entertainment is a very niche industry and exposure to pre-professional experiences are hard to find for young adults who do not have connections. The industry lacks a strong bridge between pre-profession and professional, which leads to a community that influences entertainment that is not representative of all the many different people who are exposed to entertainment. This problem needs a solution that goes from the bottom up because no matter your race, gender or age, everyone deserves to tell their stories. AHA is a mentorship program for high school students to make the entertainment industry more accessible and representative.

Through partnering with Olivia Weseley, the founder of the NYC Teen Film Festival and connections in the entertainment industry, I have created the first event for the mentorship program. We are going to visit the set of Fosse, a new FX show and talk to many people on set and see how productions work. We will speak to Tommy Kale (Director of Hamilton), Joel Fields (Emmy award winning writer/ creator/ show runner of The Americans), Erica Kay (Producer of many award winning shows) and get to hear from various departments on set as well such as costume, camera etc. Through these events, students will have the unique opportunity to learn and have exposure to entertainment professionals. They will foster relationships and hopefully create “aha moments” (hence the name of the project) for the students’ futures. 









Eleanor Cornell and Natalie Trono  
Dimes & Sense  
Partnerships:  Lean In

The (Financial) Future is Female. Educating Now for Empowerment Later. Elevator Pitch Our digital platform, Dimes and Sense, educates college-aged women, facing critical first-time personal finance decisions, about financial literacy, enabling them to make informed choices now and empowering them to be independent later. Women globally are less financially literate than men, negatively affecting their lifelong earning, saving, investing, and retiring success. While some products have sought to meet this need for professional women with established careers, the market for college-aged women at the very start of their professional journey is currently unmet. By targeting this group and informing their current financial decisions with our online education curriculum, we strive to set women up for a lifetime of financial success, thus enabling them to live better lives.

Dimes & Sense is a financial literacy community powered by women. We arm college-aged women with the tools and advice to face first-time personal finance decisions. Our online community and educational content is shaped by the stories of the professional women, prominent leaders, and students that we interview. Whether you are an expert, curious about personal finance, or do not even know what questions you should be asking, Dimes & Sense is a place to be inspired by, and for you to inspire.  









Natasha Cox
Mera Mira Model

“Mera Mira Model” is a development campaign to ensure the long-term continuation of Mira Model School in New Delhi, which can be used as a model for other schools to ensure all children in India have access to education.









Julia Delgado
The Eco-Artist Exhibition
Partners: Tidal Tees Apparel, PEOPLMOVR
Facebook: The Eco-Artist Exhibition Instagram: @eco.exhibit 

Artistic Impact through Feminist Engagement

This exhibition is looking to network local NYC female-identifying artists with young students exploring the sustainable, engaging, and activist lenses of art. All together, the exhibition promotes female works to showcase the political and cultural power of sustainable, empowering female messages in the arts communities!



Samantha Doss
Planet to People
Partners: WE ACT for Environmental Justice, Barnard Office of Sustainability

My project's mission is to connect planet to people in a visual world. 

My project seeks to shift the narrative of environmental issues, away from traditional environmental symbols and towards a focus on the people in our communities and neighborhoods. In today's visual world, the images and stories we are given have tremendous influence. Recognizing this influence, I have created a sample video series and videography curriculum intended for small environmental non-profits, enabling them to better engage their audiences and empower the voices they represent.  









Demme Durrett 
Partnership: Hyperakt
Instagram: @her.storic

Mission: Remembering the ladies!

Of the two most used high school American history textbooks, women make up only 2-3% of the content. What results is 51% of the American population feeling underrepresented in the dominant historical narratives. Enter herstoric: a chic, streamlined mobile platform that allows people to take their education back into their own hands through a series of curated "women's walks" throughout NYC. By providing people with a fun and engaging way to reclaim their history, herstoric. aims to refill the gaps in the American narrative by showcasing the women who have helped shape the country.









Leora Einleger, Emily Mahan & Mia Lindheimer
Navigating the IX
Partnerships: Puberty Concierge, the Heschel School and Being Barnard
Instagram: @navigatingtheix

Empowering students through knowledge of their rights

At Navigating the IX, we believe that Title IX education should begin before students step foot on campus. We believe in empowering students by endowing them with the confidence and knowledge they need to feel comfortable advocating for their own rights and the rights of others.

Through our high school curriculum, students are introduced to the concepts and vocabulary of Title IX and begin to understand how this seemingly distant federal law can be a source of empowerment. Students will know when an uncomfortable situation is a potential violation, be prepared to stop it, report, and heal.

We are piloting our program by educating 70 high school students on Title IX in college. We are also working as consultants to Needham High School gender rights clubs (including groups such as Take Back the Night and Amnesty International).









Wynnie Newton and Jamie Fass
eat to elevate
Instagram: @eat_to_elevate

Supporting women in the restaurant industry through encouraging consumers to make powerful political decisions with their dollars. Created the first digital platform dedicated to exposing consumers to New York City restaurants led by women through compelling interviews and storytelling.









Steffanie Andrea Garzon
Friends with Feelings
Friends with Feelings seeks to normalize the conversation surrounding mental health by creating educational and colorful children's books. Friends with Feelings is a series of children's books for kids ages 3-5 that seek to tackle issues surrounding mental health. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and create a healthy environment for parents and children to begin valuable conversations. The first book of the series tackles anxiety, with future books aiming at different topics within mental health education.



Jyotsna Grandhi
Partnerships: Barnard College, Columbia University, Fordham University, New York University
An online platform that provides the tools for disabled students to create their own future. ACCESSability is a website that offers first-generation and low-income undergraduate students with disabilities streamlined access to various information regarding internships and entry-level positions within the Manhattan area. From explaining campus accommodations to providing financial resources concerning career opportunities, this platform alleviates some of the pressures and anxieties that come with the process of navigating the job search with a disability.
Catherine Hoang
long story short 

Partnerships: Shout Your Abortion, Planned Parenthood Generation Action

An online op-ed publication about women’s everyday experiences with reproductive rights, from OBGYN visits to activism.

Sydney Hotz
Pelo Bueno 

Partnership: Her Campus
Instagram: @pelo.bueno 

Facebook: pelobuenomovement

All Latina hair is good hair. Amplifying Latina identity by celebrating natural hair and opening cultural dialogues. 

Pelo Bueno is a movement to reverse the damage of the historical term "pelo malo", which is Spanish for "bad hair". Our aim is to address the lack of Latina representation in media, specifically lack of representation of Latina natural hair and beauty. To change the fact that only 7% of children's books in the U.S. were written by authors of color, Pelo Bueno will be a children's book for Latina girls aged 3-6, the age when identity is formed.

Pelo Bueno's impact is:

1) To instill confidence in Latina girls and their families through celebration and representation of the diversity and beauty of Latina hair.

2) To open dialogue and create understanding of the breadth of Latina hair for the Latinx community and beyond.

3) To flip the script and create Latina representation, by Latinas.








Alyssa Hsing
Food Fight
Partners: Dig Inn

Food Fight’s mission is to fight the narrow idea of what healthy eating and cuisines look like, to change social norms by challenging restaurants, schools, and society of their current perception, and to show that wellness can be inclusive of different cultures, diverse and broad.

Food Fight partnered with Dig Inn, a popular chain restaurant serving healthy American food, to introduce other cuisines’ dishes onto the menu. In addition, Food Fight partnered with TV Chefs and cookbook authors from various cuisines to feature their healthy recipes on Food Fight’s website. Finally, Food Fight hosted a food expo showcasing different healthy dishes from local restaurants from a variety of cuisines such as Thai, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mexican. 



Naomi Jia
Visibility in Invisibility
Partnerships: RAINN, HerCampus, Tribe of Women, Georgetown Law Student of Color Organizations 

Instagram: @visibilityininvisibility

Visibility in Invisibility seeks to provide a shared space where college victims of sexual violence are not only able to share their written narratives, but also access a support network, while fostering discussions of long-term administrative change regarding protocol and disciplinary actions within college Title IX offices.



Samantha Kim 
I Am! 

Partnership: Working with Blueberry Illustrations to publish a picture book. 

A picture book aimed at girls ages 5-8 to combat early self-objectification and reiterate that appearance has no bearing on self-worth.












Anam Lakhani and Eve Halimi
Alinea Invest
Partnerships: Enigma Securities, Columbia Grammar Prep, Cryptonomic, Eden Block, R3

A new technology platform to empower younger women in Blockchain! Alinea means a new way of thought, and we seek to inspire just that. As an organization dedicated to educating young females on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, we hope to foster a community, spark discussion, and empower the future. With the new wave of innovation accompanied by blockchain technology, it is crucial that women participate as key players and join in on revolutionizing industries from agriculture to the arts. As a new and emerging space, the world of blockchain sees much growth, demand, and excitement, yet lacks in gender equality and representation. Thus, Alinea prepares females to be informed and involved at a young age to one day be at the forefront of new, revolutionizing change across all industries.



Safia Lakhani & Amulya Kandikonda
Care Path

Providing students a path to better care.

CarePath is an online resource hub aimed at increasing healthcare literacy amongst college students. It provides information under three main areas— low cost options, insurance and preventative care. CarePath's ultimate goal is to relieve the anxiety associated with seeking proper care, and grant students the confidence and knowledge needed to navigate a complex healthcare system.






Lea Alessandra Leveque
Entourage Marketing Agency
Our mission is to curate interactive promotional events FOR young entrepreneurs BY young entrepreneurs. Through experiential marketing, we aim to socially and digitally expand student brands and organizations in New York City who are faced with budget constraints. Entourage is an experiential marketing agency that aims to expand low budget student brands and organizations through events. Our unique value is that our experiential marketing is curated for the young student entrepreneurs by young student entrepreneurs. By creating promotional events that allow attendees to participate in the social and digital expansion of brand and/or organization, we are generating a space that allows the brands and organization owners to interact with potential customers and members.


Xonatia Lee
Take a Byte Magazine
Partnerships: Black Girls Code, Global Kids 

Take a Byte Magazine is an online magazine that aims to introduce young African American girls to African American female technologists.  The lack of diversity and access to the technology field are some of the major reasons why young African American girls lack exposure to African American female role models in technology and, inherently, want to work less in this field.  In fact, among all students taking the AP Computer Science class, only seven percent were African American girls in 2017. Yet, only two percent of African American girls were actually taking the exam at the end of the year. Already African American girls are at a disadvantage for future computing education and careers because they are not taking computing classes or see role models for them to look up to.  As the saying goes: “if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.” Without some proof that professional opportunities are open to African American girls and women, many of them will never take even small steps toward a rewarding career and social mobility.

Take a Byte Magazine features a few African American female technologists in the different sectors in technology through a Q&A with each person.  These women have different levels of experience, job titles, and companies that they work, which open students to the variety of paths into this field. My vision is for every African American girl to be able to imagine and see themselves in this magazine.



Morgen Littlejohn
Partnerships: Movement Exchange, WIN, and Safe Horizon
Encouraging healthy minds through healthy bodies, so anyone can discover agency in self-care regardless of socioeconomic position.takecare organizes community-based workshops taught by youth, for youth, that encourage self-care practices that incorporate storytelling and movement. Our work serves as a primary step in promoting accessible mental health practices for individuals who do not have access to quality mental health services but are exposed to increased daily stressors, be that economic, social, or academic. Through mindfulness exercises, takeCare not only helps alleviate the increased stressors young adults contend with, but also enables them to take agency in their narratives of self-care through our health practices that strengthen the body mind connection, promote healthy means of processing, and increase feelings of autonomy. takeCare also encourages continuous learning about healthy self-care practices, mental health, and mental health resources through our free website, which boasts an impressive digital wellness archive.


Surbhi Lohia & Maddie Wu
Partnerships: Computational Science Center at Barnard, Womxn in Computer Science at Columbia University

CompilHER is a podcast series aiming to help high school girls learn more about computer science. We have interviewed a range of young women in tech whose relatable yet aspirational stories will inspire all. Combined with our website of resources for young women looking to get into the computer science field, we hope that CompilHER will create a virtual community for women in tech to support each other.



Gabriela Martin
Sana como Manzana, Feliz como Lombriz

Mexico has one of the highest rates of child obesity in the world; approximately 37% of girls between the ages of 5 and 11 are either overweight or obese. A recent study on Mexican children’s food consumption and physical activity show there is a desperate need for public health interventions that promote healthy eating and exercise for children and adolescents. My book, Sana como Manzana, Feliz como Lombriz (which translates to ‘healthy like an apple, happy like a worm’), is the first book written in Spanish explicitly to address Mexican girls’ issues of healthy eating, keeping physically active, and living a healthy lifestyle. Through the story of the protagonist, readers -- with a target audience of 5-11 -- will learn about how they can make choices in the foods they eat that are both nutritious and delicious, as well as how they can be physically active and have fun at the same time. The book includes a series of recipes created specifically for this book. In the short term, the plan is for the book to be disseminated to classrooms in a school in Mexico City; however, in the long term, I hope to make this book a part of the national education curriculum.



Arlena McClenton and Rhea Nagpal
Partnerships: Brown University, Princeton University
Preparing first gen students for college and success, one mentor at a time. firststep provides tailored mentorship to first generation students by matching first gen high school students with first gen college students who attend the universities they are considering. We chose this method of matching so that students have knowledge of the institutional resources their chosen university provides, from the students’ perspective. Additionally, our program supports first generation students of all ability levels. Our mentors offer guidance to their mentees from the time that applications are due in the fall through college decision day in May.
Hattie Miller
Spectrum Sisters

Partnership: Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism Association (AHA)

Spectrum Sisters is a social networking program for autistic women and girls. It provides opportunities for women on the spectrum and their loved ones to connect with fellow autistics and support one another in a casual setting.








Nabila Nasib
Legend Label
Partnership: WADAN Afghanistan
Instagram: @legendlabel

Creating financial opportunities for female artisans in Afghanistan and empowering their stories. One legend at a time.Legend Label is a clothing company that has created financial opportunities for female artisans in Afghanistan so that they are not held captive by poverty and by male breadwinners. We aim to help Afghan women become self-reliant and help minimize the high poverty rate. Legend acts as the bridge between Afghan women’s centuries old culture and skills, and their need for a proper investment and distribution channel. Essentially, Legend is a brand that provides employment opportunities to underprivileged women that have valuable skills but no channel to profit from them. Our artisans earn a fair wage by hand-creating clothing that we sell to consumers outside Afghanistan who want to support female-run businesses, fight the fast-fashion industry, and connect with women across the world.

Laura Nassim and Greta Post
Partnerships: Hi New York City Hostels
Our goal is to empower women to explore the world; we aim to limit the danger of solo travel without limiting the experience. The stigmas around female solo travel are minimizing and prohibitive. Many women feel that they cannot travel alone because it is dangerous, and because it comes with certain connotations. We want to revolutionize the discussion about female solo travel and make it empowering and positive. Using institutional knowledge of trips women have taken, we are providing in-depth global itineraries and hostel reviews by women for women. Each woman using HomeBase is paving the path to a safe world, open for women to explore.
Maria Antonella Pereira 
Lead On Creations
Facebook: @leadoncreations

Instagram: leadoncreations

Lead On Creations is a disability-run organization that creates and distributes children books and educational materials about the history of the disability rights movement and its’ characters. Our objective is to reduce ableism and instill pride in the strides of the disability community through education. The name of our organization comes from disability activist Justin Dart’s famous slogan, “Lead on!” and hence is a calling to continue learning about and making disability history. This is the value of Lead on Creations: we are the first to focus on the education of children around disability history knowing that they are the next generation of disability advocates. Lead On Creations recently published its first book, Lead On: an illustrated poem of the American Disability Rights Movement.
Julia Pickel & Kiran Singh-Smith
Pinpoint: A Digital Solution for Improving Access to Sexual Health Resources
Partnerships: American Sexual Health Association
Instagram: @pinpoint_toolbox, Facebook: pinpoint
A digital toolbox for accessing safer abortion and contraception.
Young women ages 16 to 24 have disproportionately high rates of unintended pregnancy. Lack of access to reproductive health information and clinical resources has resulted in roughly three million unintended pregnancies a year, with one third of girls getting pregnant unintentionally before the age of 20. We created Pinpoint to empower young women with the information they need to feel confident about sexual health decisions and options. Our vision at pinpoint is to create a digital toolbox for accessing safer abortion and contraception. Aimed at women ages 16-24 of all socioeconomic levels, sexual orientations, race/ethnicities, etc., pinpoint is the only app that compiles accurate and comprehensive information on women’s sexual health, contraception, and abortion all in one place. The app includes comparisons of birth control methods, verified statistics on contraception effectiveness and side effects, clinic maps, health policy and insurance details, and guides for talking to your doctor, parent, or child.
Karen Reppy
Local Matters
Local matters educates and inspires NYC college students to get involved in local politics. Through a website and social media campaign, local matters highlights the importance of local politics to our day to day lives and breaks down how different issues are controlled at the local level. With issue specific pages, visitors to the website learn how their elected representatives can impact issues they care about, like affordable housing, women's reproductive health or immigration. They can also access resources to get involved! Lastly, we ask people to take the pledge to get involved in local politics, whether that be to just having a conversation with a friend about a local issue or attending a community board meeting.
Christina Saint Louis & Kelsey Smith
The Banksia Project
Partnership: VoteRunLead
The Banksia Project is a mini-documentary series that films individual conversations between young women (college-aged women and young professionals) that pave the way toward solidarity, in light of the fact that gender itself is not a political unifier. The Banksia is a genus of flower that requires fire in order to spread its seeds. The name symbolizes what we want to achieve by being open to having difficult and uncomfortable conversations: we want to create a space to spur a grassroots-led, national conversation on the intersectionality of race, gender, and class among young women.
Roberta Samuel
ClothAgain empowers women by using innovative technology to develop sustainably produced, workable, and culturally relevant textiles from second-hand clothing that would otherwise be shipped to East-Africa unaltered from countries with different sartorial cultures. In addition to creating a solution for the important environmental concern of textile waste, ClothAgain’s textiles provide women the tools to become financially prosperous tailors in their local communities. These women are leading the effort to reinstate local sartorial culture back to their communities and making female entrepreneurship socially accepted, both of which work towards the greater effort to pave the way for women to claim an economic stake in their fight for equality and for young girls to experience better futures.
Upcycling second-hand clothing to create workable and culturally relevant textiles to work towards to financial and social empowerment of women and young girls. This project seeks to address the environmental concern of fast consumerism and the empowerment of women in developing economies.
Simran Colin Shah
The Simran Colin Shah Jewelry Collection
Partnerships:Production Partner: Kama Schachter Pvt. Ltd. Social Partner: Indian Dreams Foundation
Instagram: simrancolinshahjewelry
Every piece of jewelry bought (Avg. cost $500) pays for two years of a girl's primary education.
The Simran Colin Shah Jewelry Collection is a for-profit social entrepreneurial venture that aims to satisfy two needs with one deed by mobilizing millennial and generation X women, who have disposable income, to achieve the common purpose of education through creative and inspirational jewelry products. A percentage of my profits consistently go to Indian Dreams Foundation (IDF), an organization that specializes in girls’ education, specifically in India given that my operations are based there. Additionally, I am partnering with one of the top three jewelry manufacturing businesses in Asia, Kama Schachter Private Limited (KSPL) that hires workers with hearing and speech disabilities in its factories and produces jewelry with ethically-sourced and conflict-free diamonds as well as fair-trade gold, all of which is certified by the Gemological Institute of America. So essentially, my collection is unique because in a consumer market more and more concerned with social responsibility, I am able to ensure top quality product with a guilt-free buyer’s conscience.
Claire Walter
Break The Sound Barrier
Partnerships (informal): HearAllComposers, Listening to Ladies
Twitter: @breakthesound
Instagram: @breakthesoundbarrier
A campaign for more diverse and equitable programming. In the 2016-2017 seasons of the 85 major and regional American orchestras, only 1.3% of music was by women. There is a perception that this is because there have historically been so few female composers — but even among works by living composers, they still only accounted for 10.3%. Break The Sound Barrier provides the resources –– letter template, scripts, and a map with contact information of hundreds of American orchestras and operas –– to educate and amplify women's musical voices, calling for a more equitable future for the sonic landscape.







Annie Wensley and Madison Wisne
Pretty, Angry: The Podcast
Twitter: prettyangrypod 
Instagram: prettyangrypod

Expanding the conversation around the realities of womanhood.Pretty, Angry: The Podcast expands the conversation around the realities of womanhood. Through our weekly episodes, we create a space for conversation and discussion that’s accessible, palatable, and enjoyable for women, by women, and about women’s issues. Join us as we investigate, articulate, and determine: what is the reality of womanhood today, and what the hell are women yelling about?

Also connect with us on facebook, spotify, and apple podcasts at "Pretty, Angry"

Yarden Zamir
Her Route NYC
Partnership: The Sisterhood App
The Sisterhood App:
Instagram: @herroutenyc


Her Route NYC is an organization dedicated to building a collective of women challenging street harassment.

Her Route NYC is an initiative focused on introducing The SisterHood App, an app developed by an Israeli company, into the New York City market. Our goal is to build on connections formed through use of a co-walking app that helps coordinate groups of women talking on the phone or walking together at night. The SisterHood App is a worldwide co-walking safety net for urban women, and the only app that promotes safety for women traveling alone by helping them find companions within their community. The app’s platform can make traveling in public spaces or on public transportation easier, and cheaper for women, promote friendships, collaborations, and empower women.