Athena Cosponsors the Columbia Women’s Leadership Conference

This Saturday April 5th, The Columbia Daily Spectator will host the Columbia Women’s Leadership Conference (CWLC) from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. The event will be held in the James Room on the 4th floor of Barnard Hall. CWLC is a women’s leadership symposium, addressing issues that young women encounter both in college and after graduation. The conference theme is Breaking Free from Gender Roles: How Modern Women are changing the World.

The conference will focus on topics such as college’s role in shaping women, women’s careers in male-dominated fields, and the importance of confidence and courage in one’s chosen profession. CWLC will address issues that are extremely relevant, not only to young women today, but to all students entering their professional careers. The VIP reception following the conference is also a wonderful opportunity to talk and network with these distinguished women.


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