The Athena Center for Leadership Studies Presents Spring 2019 Leadership Labs 
The Labs are low-pressure, interactive workshops with leading experts from a variety of fields. They cover a range of topics and are designed to broaden your horizons, sharpen your skills, and hone your passions. 
The Labs are FREE and open to all Barnard students.  Based on our AthenaCORE10, they are unique to Barnard and teach invaluable tools for success.  



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Influencing Others with Jyoti Menon '01
To be truly effective, leaders must master the ability to influence others.  Barnard alumna and trustee, Jyoti Menon ‘01 will share tips, techniques and personal experiences on how to inspire a shared vision and get others on board with your goals.  Whether it is a student group, an internship or supervisory role this session will help you find ways to encourage others to follow your lead.
Date: Wednesday, January 30th Time: 6:30pm-8pm Location: Athena Center Conference Room,  Milstein Center 404  Instructor: Jyoti Menon '01



Effective Communication - 3 part series 

Good communication is essential to succeed as a leader. From knowing how to craft and deliver your message to interpersonal communication and finally sharing your story using visual media, this three part series allows you to delve deeper into the topic of communication and really develop this critical skill. 

The Registration link will allow you to register for all or any of the labs in this series. We encourage you to take all three workshops in this series but it is not required.

Telling Your Story on Video
Instructor: Monica McCarthy
Wednesday, February 6th, 5pm–6:30pm 
Location: Athena Center Conference Room, Milstein Center 404

Telling your story in person is hard enough. Telling your story while the camera is rolling? Correction: telling your story live on camera for social media? These days video is the new calling card. The good news is we can all be good at it! In this workshop, we'll cover: Tips for improvising and thinking on your feet, Memorization vs. of-the-cuff delivery, Best interview practices, Overcoming nervous habits and ticks, Tricks of the trade for looking your best on camera, and How to actually enjoy the process.   


Techniques for Effective Communication
Instructor: Erinn Sitara
Wednesday, February 20th, 5pm–6:30pm 
Location: Athena Center Conference Room, Milstein Center 404
How many times have you had a conversation with a peer, supervisor, or relative and felt you were speaking a different language? Are you looking for ways to make communication more productive? Using the Social Styles behavioral model, this workshop will help you improve interpersonal interaction. Learn tools and techniques to work more successfully in teams, present information more effectively, and avoid unnecessary conflicts.


Developing a Dynamic Leadership Story
Instructor: Barbara Greene
Tuesday, April 2nd, 12pm - 1:30pm
Location: Athena Center Conference Room, Milstein Center 404


How effectively could you tell a personal story that showcases your leadership qualities? Could you tell it persuasively in 3 minutes? 1 minute? 6 seconds? This workshop will focus on how to develop *signature stories* – AKA personal leadership narratives – that quickly tell people what they need to know about you. Think of a signature story as a concise articulation of your authentic world view that influences people who matter to you – whether they are job interviewers, potential investors or other individuals working on a project with you. Telling a short but emotionally compelling story is a fundamental skill that every leader should master. During the session, we will examine dynamic story structures that help audiences connect to you and inspire them to go on a leadership journey with you. We also will discuss 6 critical techniques for presenting those stories that will help you start winning audiences over immediately.

Each participant should come to the session with brief notes about personal life experiences that demonstrate her leadership qualities.


10 Ways to Stay Politically Engaged in 2019

More than voting, women's voices were heard and their power felt in 2018. Learn about these 10 easy ways to be engaged in government and politics in an off election year. Whether it is writing an OpEd, marching in the streets, running for office or just simply becoming more aware of the issues that matter to you, VoteRunLead will walk you through how to be an engaged and empowered citizens all year round. These leadership skills will help you in your civic activism, your student leadership and your confidence to speak your mind. 

Date: Monday, February 11th Time: 5pm–6:30pm Location: Athena Center Conference Room, Milstein 4th floor Instructor: Erin Vilardi


Am I Really Qualified? Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
When you are in class, studying with other students or working at your internship, have you ever felt like you were faking it, and that someone might find out that you don’t know what you’re doing? Do you ever struggle with self-doubt or lack of confidence even when you achieve success? You’re not alone. Imposter Syndrome is a very common experience, especially among college students at elite universities.  Find out if you suffer from Imposter Syndrome and how you can overcome it, especially when positioning yourself for an internship or job.
Date: Tuesay, February 12th Time: 6:30-8pm Location: Diana LL103 Instructor: Kira Copperman
Develop Your Own TED Talk
Ever thought of presenting a TED Talk? Join an interactive workshop of activities from TED Masterclass, a course designed by TED-Ed to help you identify and develop your ideas. You'll walk out of the session with a through-line or draft idea of what your TED talk could be about.
This workshop will be hosted by Marisa Aubin, the TED-Ed Community Manager, and Stephanie Ng, the Associate Director of TED-Ed Educator Talks. Marisa and Stephanie are dedicated to amplifying the ideas of students and teachers around the world. (
Date: Tuesay, February 26th Time: 6:30-8pm Location: Diana 203 Instructors: Marisa Aubin and Stephanie Ng
Investing For College Students
Does investing seem intimidating? Want to successfully tackle your financial future? Then, this is the lab for you! Even if you don’t have any money saved, it’s not too early to start thinking about how to grow your money. It takes courage to learn about investing - especially if it is not your major nor planned line of work. This lab will leave you prepared to make smart decisions that can have significant impact on your wallet regardless of what career you choose.
Date: Tuesday, March 5th Time: 6:30pm-8pm Location: Diana LL103  Instructor: Galia Gichon
Overcommitted, Overworked and Overwhelmed: Time Management Skills for the Busy Barnard Student
You’ve made it a prestigious college and want take advantage of everything it has to offer - and still get good grades. Between double majors, internships, clubs, and studying (not to mention social life) - how can you do it all in a measly 24 hours?  Learn useful strategies on how to organize your time well and use it wisely. Find helpful advice on making smart choices so you can give your all to everything on the agenda. 
Date: Thursday, March 7th Time: 12pm-1:30pm Location: Sulzberger Hall - Sulzberger Annex 102 Instructor: Holly Helstrom
Coding for Newbies
Have you always wanted to join the coding revolution but been unsure of where to start? This hands-on lab invites you to learn foundational and tangible programming skills. Led by Barnard alumna Cassidy Mayeda ‘18, this exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of coding welcomes beginners and students of all academic backgrounds. Just bring yourself and a laptop. Leave with the confidence and knowledge of how to access and understand coding today.


Date: Wednesday, March 27th Time: 5pm-6:30pm Location: Milstein Center - Lynn Chu-Tiered Classroom LL002 Instructor: Cassidy Mayeda '18

The Office of Equity plays a prominent role in addressing campus discrimination and harassment (e.g. Title IX and ADA).  This session will address knowing your rights in the workplace in the absence of a Title IX Coordinator.  Participants will engage in critical thinking about rights in the workplace, including paid and unpaid internships.  Participants will learn how to identify unlawful interviewing practices and develop key strategies to address harassment or discrimination in the workplace.  The session will include relevant case studies and will foster a practical discussion on how to assert agency in situations where participants may feel powerless and vulnerable.
Date: NEW DATE! Monday, April 1st  Time: 12:30-2pm Location: Athena Center Conference Room, Milstein 4th floor  Instructor: Molree Williams-Lendor
Barnard students are invited to travel to the High Line for a unique off-campus leadership lab and networking opportunity. The excursion includes a tour of the High Line and a conversation with Gail Beltrone, Chief Operating Officer at the High Line (Barnard's former Vice President for Campus Services), two Barnard alumnae working in different areas of the operation: Melanie Kress '08, Associate Curator, High Line Art and Anna Hippee '15, Planning & Design Coordinator, High Line as they discuss their roles and leadership experiences. 
See Eventbrite for important details.
Date: Friday, April 5th Time: 8:45am-12pm Location: Offsite 
What’s Next? Getting Real & Mindful About Post-College Transitions
Recent Barnard 15’ graduate and meditation instructor, Adriana DiFazio, gets real and personal about the post-college struggle. Want to feel prepared and grounded for life after graduation? Adriana will teach how meditation and mindfulness can help you transition into your professional and personal lives with more ease, and provide tangible next steps to keep yourself on path well into your twenties.
Date: Wednesday, April 10th Time: 6pm-7:30pm Location: Athena Center Conference Room, Milstein Center 404 Instructor: Adriana DiFazio '15
Mechanics of Creating a Budget
Creating a budget can be daunting but this workshop led by the ERC will demonstrate how tools like excel and google sheets can help you put together a dynamic budget template.   You will not only learn how to efficiently track your expenses but also chart your goals and use visuals to help better understand your financial profile.  Topics covered include conditional formatting, data validation, conditional statements (if statements), and adaptive charts. No experience is necessary except familiarity with Excel's interface.
Date: Thursday, April 11th Time: 1pm Location: Milstein 102
Negotiating Your Worth
In this interactive workshop, recruiter, career coach, and Barnard alumna Caroline Ceniza-Levine will cover: Different components of a job offer, 3-step process for negotiating, Strategies for preparing for a salary negotiation, and Common mistakes to avoid. Through small group and partner exercises, participants will practice negotiating skills and get tips on how to continue developing these skills in the future. Bring your questions -- there will be ample time for Q&A!
Date: Monday, April 15th Time: 6:30pm-8pm Location: Diana LL104 Instructor: Caroline Ceniza Levine '93
Unwritten Rules of The Workplace


From college to the workplace there are many things we are not taught but are expected of us on the job. This lab will help demystify some of the on the job etiquette that will help you integrate more seamlessly into the work environment.

Date: Tuesday, April 16th Time: 12pm-1:30pm Location:  Athena Center Conference Room, Milstein Center 4th Floor Instructors: Sarit Abramowicz and Christine Valenza Shin '84









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