Athena CORE10

The Athena CORE10©, a critical new initiative by the Athena Center for Leadership Studies, is a fresh look at the attributes that today’s leaders need to achieve, maintain, and maximize their impact. The world is evolving and as more women are achieving leadership positions, two new and complementary themes have begun to emerge:
  • Women bring a vital range of skills to the task of leading in an increasingly diverse, global society. The evidence is strong and growing: when the leadership table includes women, the world does better.
  • If women are to expand their much-needed leadership presence, they need guidance tailored to their particular histories, circumstances, and styles that recognizes and celebrates their specific strengths, while also preparing them to adopt time-tested strategies.
What the modern world requires, in short, is a better-diversified leadership structure; a more holistic assessment of what good leadership looks like; and a more cross-pollinated approach to leadership development.

In response to this challenge, and based upon the best thinking of the leading experts and Barnard’s 125-year history of promoting women’s leadership, the Athena Center has identified ten attributes that all effective leaders need to deploy with confidence, ease, and skill:

1.  Ambition: Owning and projecting power, expertise and value.

2.  Vision: Finding, defining and motivating others with purpose.

3.  Courage: Taking bold, strategic risks.

4.  Communication: Listening actively and speaking persuasively and with authority.

5.  Entrepreneurial Spirit: Being imaginative, flexible and persistent.

6.  Leverage: Optimizing the use of key resources.

7.  Collaboration: Sharing diverse strengths and perspectives and building effective teams.

8.  Negotiation: Bridging differences to come to a beneficial agreement.

9.  Resilience: Learning and bouncing back from adversity and failure.

10. Advocacy: Standing up for yourself and for others.