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My Supreme Court Debut: 2 Courts to Convince







POTUS 2017: Six Months of Trump
Watch Kitty Kolbert on the Brian Lehrer Show, as they discuss six months into Trump's presidency, where are his approval ratings and are the bumps in recent polls real?





A talk given by Barbara Corcoran at the TEDxBarnard conference, about rethinking failure and how failure can ultimately play a part in success, is featured in 8 TED Talks to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Failure




KEYWORDS PANEL DISCUSSION: “Justice” defined in legal, institutional, and environmental terms
Click here for link to Keywords: justice discussion blog post. 





Monumental Women
The Huffington Post

The growing controversy spurred by the “Fearless Girl” statue highlights how few public monuments, parks, schools, and other public spaces depict or are named for courageous and audacious women.



"Start Local:" Kathryn Kolbert '77 Issues a Call to Arms to the Women's Law Caucus
Voices @ Temple Law




Article on Athena Alum, Zoë LePage '13, and what started out as a Social Action Project for her Senior Seminar course as part of the Athena Scholar’s Program at Barnard College.

For Survivors of Sexual or Domestic Assault, a Path to Recovery and Empowerment





The 3 Most Important Things You Can Do to Preserve Roe v. Wade





POWER TALK with Athena Distinguished Fellow Shiza Shahid
BWOG Columbia Student News







Women and Hollywood
Eve Ensler, Patricia Riggen and Regina K. Scully to be honored
David Oyelowo to receive the 2017 Athena Leading Man Award




Athena Film Festival to Honor David Oyelowo, 'Vagina Monologues' Writer Eve Ensler
The Hollywood Reporter





Amazon Studios to Sponsor Athena Film Festival's Unproduced Screenplay List
The Hollywood Reporter





US Olympic Women #1! US Women? #28
Jacki Zehner on Women, Money and Changing the World





Safeguarding Abortion Rights Begins in the States
The Hill





Kathryn Kolbert quoted in Five Inspiring Feminist Quotes You Might Have Missed





Advocates Hail U.S. Court Abortion Decision
Thomson Reuters Foundation News




Abortion and the Constitution: What You Need to Know

National Constitution Center


If Pro-Choice, Get Angry and Become Active 
The Inquirer






Women In Higher Education




Athena Film Festival Honoring Paul Feig, Mira Nair Amid Increased Talk of Gender Issues in Hollywood
The Hollywood Reporter





Paul Feig Set to Receive First "Leading Man" Award at Female-Focused Athena Film Festival
The Hollywood Reporter





Athena Film Festival: Abortion Providers Doc, 'Inside Out,' 'Truth' Highlight Lineup
The Hollywood Reporter





6 Ways to advance gender equality in the C-Suite
The Economist: Executive Education Navigator




Huff Post


Rosie O'Donnell Documentary to Premiere at the Athena Film Festival
The Hollywood Reporter


Don't miss this issue of the Athena Center's scholarly magazine, On Our Terms. Not only will it soon feature some of our Distinguished Fellows -- but it shares fresh ideas about women in the Punk arena from Anna Batt, in her essay "Bubblegum Girls Need Not Apply: Deviant Women in the Punk Scene




National Law Journal
Epoch Times


New Learning Times Interview with Athena Entrepreneurship Consultant, Nathalie Molina Niño







EdLab Groundbreakers Interview with Athena Director, Kathryn Kolbert




New York Daily News


Black Star News




Digital Journal
An Interview with Athena Fellow John Gerzema




Columbia Spectator
Event Cosponsored by the Athena Center


A Closer Look at the Bechdel Rating
Written by Melissa Silverstein, Artistic Director of the Athena Film Festival





Program Looks to Help Barnard Students Learn Coding
Columbia Spectator





Forty Years On: Women's Film Festivals Today
A Convening of the International Women's Film Festival Network




Athena Center Director, Kathryn Kolbert, Panelist: Bucharest Forum 2013
National News Agency AGERPRES





Training Them Up In The Way They Should Go: Entrepeneurial Education -- Action Institute Power Blog





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The National Bureau of Asian Research









The Joan Hamburg Show





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CDRS and the Athena Center Launch New Undergraduate Journal, On Our Terms