Fellowships and Internships

The Athena Center for Leadership Studies offers three fellowship programs: The Athena Summer Fellowship Program, the Williams Program for Women in Politics, and the Non-Profit Leadership Summer Fellowship.  Through these fellowships, students gain insight on leadership styles and strategies in the public and private sectors; develop personal leadership and professional skills; and create support networks with fellow female professionals. 
Selection of all Athena Center-funded fellowships is through a competitive process: students will submit written applications and undergo interviews with program administrators. Funded students reflect diverse interests and backgrounds, and demonstrate leadership, passion, motivation, excellence and a willingness to collaborate with others to achieve their goals.

The Athena Summer Fellowship Program

Application Deadline: 11:59pm on Sunday, January 31, 2016.  

Applications can be found on NACELink by searching "Summer Fellowship"

Open to all Barnard students completing their junior year, the Summer Fellows receive a $4,000 stipend and live together for ten weeks in New York City, meeting regularly to reflect on their summer internship and participate in educational and social events with Athena Center staff and other leaders.  Ten students are selected for this competitive fellowship, with at least half them interning at non-profit organizations.  Applications are accepted from December to January annually and are available via NACElink.  Past Athena Summer Fellows interned at the following businesses and organizations:
  • The Dr. Oz television show
  • The National Jazz Museum in Harlem
  • Do Something
  • McGraw-Hill Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • United Talent Agency
  • Ratner Lab, Columbia University Medical Center
  • Knopf Doubleday Publishing Co.
  • Marie Wilson, author
  • Grovo, a tech start-up
  • Behind the Book

The 2014 Athena Summer Fellows created their own website detailing their time this summer. Click here to visit.

The Williams Program for Women in Politics

Available to Athena Scholars in their sophomore and junior years, the Williams Program for Women in Politics enables Athena Scholars interested in a career in politics or public policy to learn from government and policy leaders and organizations in New York, Washington, D.C., their hometown, or state capital.  These internships provide Athena Scholars with work experience, mentors and role models that can inspire them to work for the common good, and encourage their own political aspirations. The highly competitive Williams Program offers Scholars a $3,000 stipend and the ability to intern in government agencies and offices, public policy organizations, think tanks, or with elected officials (with the exception of campaigns). Our 2014 summer Williams Fellows have worked at: the New York City Mayor's Office Community Affairs, and the NYC chapter of the National Organization of Women. Previous Williams Fellows have worked at: Reede Street Strategies, World Policy Institute, the Korean Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training, Office of the Mayor - Commission on Women's Issues, the World Policy Institute, and for Senator Kristen Gillibrand.

Application Deadline: 11:59pm on Friday, February 26, 2016.

Email sabramow@barnard.edu for application information.

The Silberstein Non-Profit Leadership Summer Fellowship

Available to Athena Scholars in their sophomore and junior years.  The Non-Profit Leadership Summer Fellowship aims to give Athena Scholars an inside look at leadership in non-profit organizations and identify a pool of talented students who aspire to careers in this sector.  The Non-Profit Leadership Summer Fellowship hopes to build a unified community through dialogue of shared work experiences, tips, and friendly conversation that can act as a base for participants working in this sector. This competitive Non-Profit Leadership program offers Scholars a $3,000 stipend and the chance to intern at any non-profit organization that focuses on children.  In the past, Non-Profit Leadership Fellows 2011 (formerly known as Leadership 18 Fellows) have worked at: United Way, United Cerebral Palsy and the Cooke Institute.

Email sabramow@barnard.edu for application information.

The Athena Harriman Summer Fellowship

Is available for scholars in their sophomore or junior year. The Athena Center for Leadership Studies, in collaboration with the Harriman Institute at Columbia University, established a summer fellowship program that will enable Athena Scholars interested in the Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian region to learn from local women leaders in private, non-profit, and/or governmental agencies.  This particular partnership offered students a more nuanced internship experience focused on women’s leadership. Fellowships are awarded for a maximum of $4,000; it is expected that Fellows living in the region for the entire summer will receive that maximum amount.

Application Deadline: 11:59pm on Monday, March 11, 2016.

Email sabramow@barnard.edu for application information.