Columbia Venture Community - Speed Networking

CVC Speed Networking Co-Sponsored by the Athena Center for Leadership Studies
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Barnard College, Sulzberger Parlor, 3rd Floor Barnard Hall

The last speed networking event was a blast. Now, CVC Speed Networking is back and on the lovely Barnard campus. Let's roll...

CVC is all about meeting new people and building a community. But meeting people can be tedious and almost always inefficient. How many times do you attend a great event but wish you met more people? Or you ended up talking to one person the whole time? CVC Speed Networking changes all that.

Our promise: Within an hour, a room of strangers will turn into a room of familiar faces.

Plus, it comes with a twist. This isn't your typical speed-anything with musical chairs and a gong. No, we'll be using an app called Cnvrge ( and run everything using the miracle of text messaging. It'll make intros for you - like the world's greatest party host.

When you arrive, you'll check in via SMS, and immediately get a text telling you who to meet next, and where in the room to meet them. Five minutes later, you'll get another text. Infinite loop.

We'll be kicking off the meetings as people show up (rather than wait for critical mass). You can skip rounds if you want to keep chatting with someone, and jump back into the pool when you want to be directed to a new person. With each meeting, you can rest assured you'll automatically get an intro email (complete with the other person's bio and round in which you met) so don't sweat the business cards...unless yours is bone white with Silian Rail font. Bring those.

This is a totally new way to network, so come with a fully charged cell phone (that can accept text messages) and an open mind!

Full Details:

* Location: Barnard Hall (117th & Broadway), Sulzberger Parlor.
* Please try to arrive around 6:30pm. We'll go until about 8:15pm.
* Participants will be invited to make announcements about projects they're working on, services they're   
   looking for/providing, etc. midway through the event (we'll take a short break).
* The event is free for students, and $5 for all others (to help fund community operations).
* Please feel free to bring a guest.
* If you are a student, please RSVP to Jeff at

Oct. 19, 2011 - 6:30 PM