Agenda-Setting 2012 Nationally and Globally: Leveraging Women’s Voices

NCRW Annual Conference
June 20-22, 2012
Georgetown University Conference Center, Washington, D.C.

The Athena Center is proud to co-sponsor the NCRW's signature Annual Conference to be held June 20-22 in Washington, D.C. at the Georgetown University Conference Center. The twin focus of this year’s Conference is on strengthening women’s economic security and advancing women’s leadership, two critical areas in the path towards greater gender equality. Set over three days, the Conference will offer a series of panels, workshops, networking, and strategy sessions with the aim of identifying action steps to bring about transformative change in our economy and society. The opening keynote panel as well as the multiple plenary, breakout, and poster sessions will be dedicated to topics such as women’s economic security, leadership, health, and education; mobilizing and coalition-building; and the role of communications in advancing a progressive women’s agenda. The Conference will provide an opportunity to connect with researchers, policy specialists, and advocates from across our network, as well as allies and partners from government, business, media, and philanthropic circles.

As an organization at the nexus of feminist research, policy and advocacy, NCRW’s Annual Conference showcases current scholarship as well as the advocacy and policy work that is essential for advancing an agenda for change. The Conference will highlight best practices at the local, national, and global levels, while offering perspectives on how to measure success, bring innovations to scale, and address the challenges that women and girls face everywhere.

The goals of the Conference are:
1. explore issues and policy recommendations during Conference discussions that will help the Council to inform the political platforms of candidates during this election year;
2. broadly disseminate the outcomes of the Conference – key issues and recommendations to strengthen women’s economic security and women’s leadership – as part of NCRW’s commitment to public education and awareness-building;
3. identify potential partners to participate in the Council’s Collective Impact initiative for movement-building.


Jun. 21, 2012 - 2:12 PM