Customized Leadership Development Programs

The Athena Center offers a growing number of leadership development programs on a customized basis for Fortune 500 Companies, regional not-for-profits, and global partners. Grounded in research and tapped into a diverse network of experts, coaches, and speakers, our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Our goal is to help women better understand and design their own path to advancement by improving the leadership skills that are needed and valued in their environment, rewarded by their managers, and respected by their peers.

Our multidimensional leadership programs include both theoretical and practical components. In our unique programs, participants:
  • Embrace the Athena CORE10 that are essential for success.
  • Establish a baseline by taking the Athena CORE10 leadership assessment.
  • Explore gender and power relationships.
  • Examine how organizations in differing spheres sustain themselves and change.
  • Have opportunities for experiential learning, timely reflection, and practice.
  • Are exposed to inspirational role models in person and in culture.
  • Learn how to seek out support networks, particularly mentors and sponsors.

Clients and Partners

In our first two years, the Athena Center has provided leadership development programs for a wide range companies and organizations.  We have trained women at many differing stages of life, from young women in high school or college to young professionals to senior executives in highly regulated industries.  Our clients include:

ADP, Inc.

Girl Scouts of Greater New York
HSBC North America
Urban Girl Squad
Women's Initiative Fellowship of the George W. Bush Institute


Although all of our programs are specifically customized to meet the needs of each business or organization, we have developed some unique formats that work particularly well.  They include:

Leadership Summit (1.5 Days)

Our signature one-and-a-half day summit is built from the foundation that women’s leadership is good for business. We orchestrate TED-style talks, facilitated cohorts, and skill-development workshops to build leadership skills. Through a small-group facilitation model, we provide a new framework to advance personal career development plans for each participant and create long-term peer coaching and mentoring relationships. Each participant will undergo an assessment of her leadership aptitudes that is shared with facilitators and is tailored to the program.  
  • 40-70 participants


Leadership Summit and Year-Long Development

For long-term, high-impact results, we combine our signature 1.5 day summit with a year-long leadership development program. This endeavor is tailored to empower participants from your organization to achieve personal and professional success. This program begins with our signature summit and is followed up with four half-day intensive workshops, approximately once every three months. The program includes individualized leadership plans, peer-coordinated accountability, and coaching sessions. The four workshops utilize the most up-to-date research on gender, including case studies from similar industries and workplaces; provide an opportunity to practice a range of leadership skills; and review and further advance each participant’s career goals. The closing session is a final evaluation with the Athena Center, senior staff and participants to mark progress and serve as a model for continued programming.
  • 40-50 participants

Week-Long Leadership Series:  

This five-day leadership program prioritizes three key content areas from the Athena CORE10. It is designed for a small cohort of high-potential participants to make significant progress in a short period. We use an intensive model that entails a combination of simulations followed by a day of skill development sessions where we turn theory into practice. Each participant will undergo an assessment of her leadership aptitudes and hear from top-notch speakers and inspiring women leaders. Participants will reflect on and explore their own leadership capacities, strengths and ambitions, and receive peer feedback.
  • 10-20 participants

Multi-Day Leadership Series

This flexible program seeks to meet the client's time and budget constraints. Athena Center staff work closely with executive leadership to determine your needs and develop a specific multi-day program that achieves the company’s professional development objectives, including in-person programs ranging from two-hours to half-day, as well as online sessions and consultancy services with senior leaders, HR/D&I and talent teams.
  • Participants TBD

Athena Global Shorts Program: 

This newly created hour-long program consists of four compelling short films addressing women and leadership selected from the Athena Film Festival. The Shorts Program begins a dialogue inside the organization about the culture of women’s leadership and provokes conversation across teams. The DVD is an innovative tool to jumpstart conversations that can reach global networks, and is available online. The Athena Center also provides a list of questions and a brief facilitation guide to accompany the films. 

Instructors and Facilitators:

The Athena Center assembles a unique team of Instructors, Facilitators and Facilities that are appropriate for the format and content of your program.  We draw from Athena Center staff and 50+ educators, coaches and consultants who work with us on professional development programs. Moreover, we interact and engage with a wide number of senior executive leaders, thought-leaders, award-winning authors, and top researchers as speakers and advisers. 
As a part of Barnard College, the Center is supported by the resources and infrastructure of the College, including its idyllic four-acre campus in New York City, administrative staffing, and food services, making the campus an excellent location to hold your next leadership development program.