Leadership Development Programs

The Challenge

Women remain underrepresented in all levels of management. Companies harness just a fraction of the talent in their workforces – and lose billions in profit when they lose highly trained, productive employees to the ‘leaky pipeline’ that results from mid-career women analyzing the glass ceiling ahead – and choosing other paths.  The data is now in: when companies boost women’s leadership roles, it also boosts the bottom line.

Lots of programs address women in the workplace. But virtually no one has developed a data-driven, targeted solution.

Our Data-Based Solution: The Athena Appraisal 

Fielded among your employees, The Athena Appraisal is a unique survey tool that collects data on organizational culture and individual employee perceptions and behaviour. 

Data from this survey is analyzed, compared with other companies and organizations, and then distilled into a customized report that details the unique dynamic in your workplace and delivers concrete recommendations for retaining and advancing more women. 

With the deep insights the Athena Appraisal provides, you will be able to focus your leadership development programs, address any barriers in the workplace, and retain motivated, creative, confident and diverse teams.

Athena Edge Trainings

The Athena Center team also is available to design and deliver a series of workshops and trainings to build female employees’ skills and resolve in the targeted areas identified during the Athena Appraisal. The length, depth, and structure of the program are developed in conjunction with the client and customized to meet the specific needs of the participants.

The format of this training program can vary from a quarterly series of 1 ½ - 2 hour workshops and activities designed to deepen and expand leadership skills and strategies to a 3-day, in-depth, off-site conference designed to increase the leadership identity and capacity of high-potential mid- and senior-level female leaders, to create widespread recognition of women’s leadership as a competitive advantage across the company, and to identify barriers and opportunities for women’s leadership.

Our clients, ranging from The Hershey Companies to Novartis and HSBC, have called the Athena Appraisal, as well as the related Athena Edge workshops for employees, “transformational”, “valuable”, and “eye-opening”.