Athena Center Interns


Floriana Milazzo is a sophomore majoring in English and concentrating in Education Studies. She is an Athena Scholar and a member of the Athena Student Advisory Board. On campus, Floriana is involved with the Barnard Writing Fellows, Columbia Daily Spectator, and the SGA committee on Academic Affairs. In her free time, she loves adventuring through the city for delicious food and navigating the aisles of Strand Bookstore.



Safiya Noel is a senior from Queens, NY. She is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Africana Studies. Throughout the school year, she serves as President of Columbia University’s Belly Dance Troupe and is an active member in Barnard’s Black Organization of Soul Sisters (BOSS). She is interested in joining Columbia’s Peer Health Exchange as well as Athena’s HTML/CSS coding course in the fall. In her free time, Safiya loves dancing and watching movies.
Bianca Rico is a senior majoring in Art History and Visual Arts. She spends most of her time writing and producing independent video and art projects. She plans to work at the intersection between fine art and film production. Interning with the Athena Film Festival has exposed her to the joys of festival programming, sustaining her fascination with the film industry and introducing her to the work of dozens of brillant female filmmakers. In her free time, Bianca binge- watches mockumentaries and devours countercultural records from the 1960s.

Alyssa Hsing is a junior majoring in Economics and Mathematics. Over the summer, she interned at the Athena Center and was a Pre-Calculus Residential Teaching Assistant for the Higher Education Opportunity Program at Barnard. She is excited to be back interning for the school year. Alyssa is also an Athena Scholar, serving her second year on the Student Advisory Board, and a Junior Class Council Representative. In her free time, she likes to travel and has begun to document her adventures.


Demme Durrett is a junior at Barnard majoring in American Studies and Human Rights. She is an Athena Scholar and is acting as Coordinator for SAB this year. Student life is one of Demme's favorite parts of Barnard. In addition, she is an active member of the McIntosh Activities Committee, Alpha Chi Omega, Meet Me at the Museum, and SGA's Committee on Arts and Culture. Demme also leads an active life off campus as the founder of a nonprofit focused on human rights education, Youth for Human Rights-- USA. In her free time, Demme loves checking out the latest brunch spots around the city.


Maya Hamlet is a sophomore from Charlotte, NC. Her major is currently undecided but she has a strong interest in German. On campus, she is the secretary for Barnard Deutsch and off-campus she is a LEDA Career Institute Fellow and a participant of CareerX. In her free time, Maya takes dance classes around the city.


Lauren Zahm is a sophomore from Santa Barbara, CA. She is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Economics. During the summer, Lauren spent time managing the Teen Court Program at the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in her hometown. Throughout the school year, she is an active member of Columbia Women’s Business Society and volunteers in classrooms with Sprout Up. She is very excited to be Athena’s Entrepreneurship Intern this semester. In her free time, Lauren loves exploring the city’s parks and coffee shops.


Nell Bailey is a junior at Barnard College, majoring in Theatre and minoring in English and Politics. At Barnard she is actively involved in a number of productions each semester, collaborating with the department as well as Kings Crown Shakespeare Troupe and Columbia University Players. She is currently working with the Athena Film Festival to create a spotlight for female filmmakers and protagonists, pushing her drive to aid and promote women leaders in the arts. Alongside acting, Nell is also on the board of Postcrypt art gallery, working primarily as an installation manager, and has spent the past two summers production assisting in New York and the UK, working both in film and theatre. Additionally, she is an active researcher for the Barnard Theatre Department, currently developing a book chapter on Antonin Artaud. Nell intends to pursue a creative career, finding her own place of leadership within the world of art.