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Coding is the language of the future. Become literate with Athena Digital Design.

Our mission is to champion and inspire Barnard women on their journey into coding literacy through web development. Participants will begin by learning the fundamentals of web design so they can be competitive in the new economy.


Applications to apply for admission into the 4th cohort of our introductory HTML/CSS course, teaching the foundation of web development, beginning Fall 2015 are NOW OPEN

Members of the Student Advisory Board take on a leadership position on the agency startup team in various capacities ranging from project management, finance, marketing, and more. No coding knowledge is required and SAB members take the ADDA class with the rest of the cohort in the Fall. Applications for admission into the student advisory board are now open

Applications for the Spring introductory HTML/CSS course are available here.

Applications for the Student Advisory Board are available here.

We encourage students interested in learning more and staying in touch to sign up to join the mailing list here:



The latest in a long tradition of Barnard startups.

Inspired by student-run businesses, Barnard Bartending Agency & Barnard Babysitting, Barnard students will be trained to develop websites, in order to provide these services, for hire, to the community. 

  • Once successfully through Phase I of our custom web design & development training (8-10 weeks), students will have the opportunity to apply to the Athena Digital Design Agency, which connects local businesses and organizations with students to help build or maintain their web sites.
  • Athena Digital Design will be a student-run business, advised and funded through Entrepreneurs@Athena, a project of the Athena Center for Leadership Studies.
  • NO CODING EXPERIENCE or computer science background will be required for participation and applications will be open to ALL Barnard students. 

Interested in hiring Barnard students to develop, design or maintain your web presence? Learn more at:


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