Program Formats and Workshops

The Athena Center assembles a unique team of instructors, facilitators and facilities that are appropriate for the format and content of your program.  We draw from Athena Center staff and 50+ educators, coaches, and consultants who are experts in their respective fields. Moreover, we interact and engage with a wide number of senior executive leaders, thought-leaders, award-winning authors, and top researchers as speakers and advisers.

As a part of Barnard College, the Center is supported by the resources and infrastructure of the College, including its idyllic four-acre campus in New York City, administrative staffing, and food services, making the campus an excellent location to hold your next leadership development program.  


Examples of Athena Edge program formats:

1 ½ day Athena Edge Conference:

A multi-faceted conference designed to increase the leadership identity and capacity of high-potential mid- and senior-level female leaders, to create widespread recognition of  women’s leadership as a competitive advantage across the company, and to identify barriers and opportunities for women’s leadership

Multi-format Athena Edge curriculum:

A staged curriculum particularly suited to companies with multiple offices/locations , using  a combination of webinars and local coaches to guide groups of participants through customized modules

Athena Edge workshop series:

A series of 1 ½ - 2 hour workshops and activities shaped by the particular needs of the company and participants and designed to deepen and expand leadership skills and strategies


Workshop examples:

Women in Leadership: The Athena Center for Leadership Studies, in partnership with Columbia Business School Executive Education, hosts a three-day intensive program that draws on the latest research and best practices to equip women leaders with the skills and tools they need to better navigate the business landscape and leverage their talents in their companies. Attracting mid- to senior- career professional women from diverse industries and geographies, the program includes one-on-one executive coaching sessions and a series of trainings and workshops that help participants develop their personal leadership skills and brand, to position them for roles of greater influence.

The Athena CORE10™for Leadership: This webinar will introduce employees to the Athena CORE10, illustrating why they are essential to leadership and how men and women utilize them in the workplace. This webinar can spur dialogue across the company and enable participants to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses across the ten competencies before they gather for additional programming.

Entrepreneurial Leadership- Start it up anywhere spirit: This workshop will demonstrate how taking on the characteristics of an entrepreneur – nimbleness, openness, and flexibility – can create opportunities for boldness and innovation.  We will hone in on the skills needed to assess risk, and the pitfalls that can keep women from taking those risks.

Advocacy + Networking = Advancement: Understanding the power of your reputation and the strength of your networks is the modern equation for getting ahead. This workshop will provide the tools and motivation to advocate for yourself, and tangible ways to strengthen one’s network to get others to advocate on your behalf.

Persuasive Communication: Your communication style should represent your authentic voice, but the secret great leaders know about effective communication is that marrying your authentic self with the needs of your audience is what truly motivates and inspire others. In this workshop, participants will explore various communication styles with tried and true tactics to maximize communication effectiveness.