The Athena Edge

Enter the Athena Edge. An array of customized modules from two-hour, hands-on, in-your-office workshops to three-day immersive retreat-based forums: boost confidence, sharpen leadership skills, and energize all the women on your team.

  1. Calibrate: First, we create a position paper, based on our customized survey fielded to your employees. It assesses the company’s women’s leadership readiness; identifies their strengths and challenges to growth; and highlights the resources for them to tap into in their existing work environment.  The diagnostic is centered on the Athena CORE10TM, a set of attributes that the Athena Center has identified as transformational, grounded in the latest research, as well as insights from our network of global achievers.  Your company’s results can be mapped against those of other companies to highlight your best competitive strategies on the way forward. Learn more about the Athena CORE10TM .

  2. Empower: Then you will receive a customized training designed to build female employees’ skills and resolve in exactly the areas your own dataset recommends. The modules can include critical topics that women themselves tend to spotlight as growth areas, such as:
  • vision-setting
  • advocacy
  • public presentation
  • entrepreneurship
  • reasoned risk-taking
  • resilience
  • self-confidence
  • negotiation

Trainers that are experts in their respective fields lead the workshops. The training can showcase a panel discussion – highlighting your company’s own shining stars; facilitated exercises – to give participants hands-on experience and guidance from a coach; time for networking – so they build their own peer resources, mentors and mentees network; and knock-your-socks-off keynoting motivational  speakers. Learn more about program formats and workshops.

  1. Propel: Athena Edge management consultants then synthesize results from both the survey and the training. You receive a customized presentation delivered to your decision-makers. Many of the solutions that emerge tend to be little known and easy to implement – though unleashing vast potential.  

The Athena Edge program won rave reviews from major companies ranging from HSBC of North America, to The Hershey Companies, to ADP. Thousands of women - from up-and- coming junior staff to middle managers to executive leaders – have experienced the power of the program. Learn more about what our clients are saying.