Leadership Development Programs

Making Companies and Organizations More Innovative

At Athena, we are building a world where leadership is constantly re-imagined to reflect the needs of women and society, where women obtaining and exercising power is both expected and commonplace. When more women are leaders, we change our shared understanding of leadership, and of individual and social potential, making companies and organizations more innovative, productive and successful. 

Our approach to leadership development is based upon the Athena CORE10, ten attributes that today’s leaders need to achieve, maintain, and maximize their impact. We believe that greater diversity in the leadership ranks makes organizations and businesses more effective and competitive and that it is the responsibility of both men and women to make change. Thus, the Athena Center works diligently with both male and female senior management to build new strategies into the organization’s mission and plan so that from top to bottom, the organizational culture values and fosters the leadership of women.  LEARN MORE