Athena Leadership Labs

Teaching Practical Leadership Skills.

Be on the lookout for a new and improved Leadership Lab in Fall 2014.

The Athena Center offers over 40 workshops per year. Each of these one-time workshops are specially designed to teach Barnard students to be compelling speakers, strong negotiators, effective managers and more. All Barnard students can register for up to any four workshops a semester. 

To cancel or for more information, contact Tomika Rodriguez at

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Learn to be a better public speaker, make your best case to the media or in the classroom, and present yourself in an authentic and powerful way. 




Whether you want to be a leader in the nonprofit, government, or private sector, refine your project management skills to be prepared for any challenge.

Coming Soon!

Financial Fluency

From charting your financial future to managing debt, learn basic and advanced money management skills necessary for professional and personal success.


Whether negotiating internship hours or your first salary, or even interpersonal relationships (like suitemate cleaning responsibilities), learn practical ways to implement techniques that work.

Negotiate What You're Worth 
Seniors Only



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Civic & Political

Learn critical civil skills that can help you advance your cause, from community organizing to the art of campaigning.

Whether it is local leadership of elected office, inspire and mobilize others to action.

Risk & Resilience

Set goals for personal growth and to develop the confidence and courage to take appropriate risks and the resilience to stay at the top of your game.

Stengthen Your Inner Coach






Build skills for getting started with a business idea or social cause, finding your audience and determine what you need to start new ventures - whether in business, in the nonprofit world, or as a social entrepreneur. 



Tech & Social Media

Learn the basics of the back-end, increase your confidence in "tech-speak," understand and direct your online brand, and create stronger online networks.