Athena Leadership Labs

Teaching Practical Leadership Skills.

The Athena Center offers over 35-40 workshops each year. Each of these one-time workshops are specially designed to teach Barnard students to be compelling speakers and strong negotiators and help you put your best foot forward in many academic, personal and "real world" endeavors.
The Leadership Lab is FREE and open to all BC students, who can register for up to any four workshops a semester. Please be sure to register for workshops you intend to and are available to attend. 

To cancel or for more information, contact Tomika Rodriguez at

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Explore, define, express and develop a plan to follow and refine your personal, academic and professional goals.

What are You Good at? What do You Love?


Harness and project your belief in your abilities, actions and ideas in order to define and pursue your idea of personal success.

Who Do You Want to Be? Where Do You Want to Go?


Learn to listen actively, to make your best case to the media or in the classroom, and present yourself in an authentic and powerful way.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Apply this emerging leadership skill and be imaginative, flexible and persistent in multiple areas of your life—from starting a new venture to excelling at classes outside of your comfort zone.

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Storytelling (through Comedy): A Critical Skill [in Business and Life!]


Assert your rights, demonstrate your confidence and take bold, strategic risks; particularly in difficult, unfamiliar or adverse situations.

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From charting your financial future to managing your online presence, learn how to optimize resources for professional and personal success.

Financial Fluency 101

Keep Your $20's in Your 20's

Prepare for Financial Life After Graduation Seniors Only


Practice the art of teambuilding and learn to navigate the process—including the challenges—of achieving cooperation in order to reach a common goal.

Stay Mentally Strong in Tough Situations  







Whether negotiating internship hours or your first salary, or even interpersonal relationships (like suitemate cleaning responsibilities), learn practical ways to implement techniques that work.


Negotiate What You're Worth 
Seniors Only

Savvy Negotiation: Ask for What You Want - (In Partnership with Career Development) - Special 1.5 Hour Lab




Set goals for personal growth and develop the confidence and courage to take appropriate risks and the resilience to stay at the top of your game.

Quiet Your Inner Critic


Learn to use the most effective methods to advance your cause, stand up for yourself and for others and to inspire and mobilize others to action.

Leadership Lab with Angela Oh